I am a blogger (again)

I ‘ve been having this feeling about blogging again for so many years. I used to blog about 10 years ago, when blogging was not really a big thing but for reasons I don’t even remember, I stopped. I do think it was at the same period as I became a mother. No, I even think it was before, during my pregnancy.

When you think about something for so long, it kind of is your duty to do something about it. So here I am, Eimi Devine, blogging again.

I am freaking out though. I mean, what am I goin to write about? Is my life that interesting? Am I goin to be able to put my thoughts in writing all the time? What if I get stuck?
These are some of the questions I am constantly asking myself. The dought is real, my dear readers but if there is one thing 2018 has taught me is to give your doughts the middle finger everytime it decides to show up.

So what is this blog goin to be about, you wonder? Right?

It’s goin to be about me, my life, my thoughts, my surroundings, my ambitions.
I have big dreams and I am doing my best to make them come true so why not document it.

So keep coming back for more contents.




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